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Pieces of Depression


Pieces of Depression (2022)

This musical representation of different symptoms of depression aims to encourage conversations on mental health. Although each piece is linked to certain symptoms or themes, this is merely the composers interpretation. If a performer or listener finds a different understanding or relationship to each piece then an exploration, discussion and understanding of mental health is still achieved. 

To purchase the sheet music head to my Etsy page.

For the full catalogue of Ewan East's works please head to the compositions page.


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Journey (2023)

A collaboration between Ewan East, Naturewrights and artist Alice Baxter sees Ewan create musical interpretations of nine nature writer's ’10 minute perspectives’. 

The Naturewrights' members were tasked with visiting their favourite space for 10 minute periods over several days, observing and then writing about what they experienced there.

Create your own journey through nature

using the interactive map, select a location to begin your journey. The page will load the title, writer, music and writing. Once you have finished that part of your journey, return to the map to choose your next location.

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