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BBC Radio 1's Minute of Me

18 Oct 2022

Turning mental health issues into positivity

Through BBC Radio's 1 Minute of Me Ewan was able to share my experience of turning mental health into positivity, in particular how I turned my experience into 'Pieces of Depression'. The full transcript of my minute was:

'Ewan, Lincoln

Positivity can come from mental health issues.
I was diagnosed with depression two years ago and didn’t know what to do, or what steps to take. After trying to carry on for too long I was lucky enough to leave my career that I was not happy in and return to university to study my masters and through that turned my experience of depression into music, writing a series of piano pieces based on the symptoms of depression, hoping this would provide an alternate interpretation and talking point for mental health issues.

Music truly does benefit the mind and that’s why Radio and taking time to listen to the music you enjoy can massively improve your mood and mindset. I’m now studying my PhD at York St John University and continue to use music as an emotional and creative output. I want to share that even when you are, or have been dealing with mental health issues, you can reach a positive space.'

What is Minute of Me?
'If you’re aged between 16-24 years old and living in the UK, the BBC is giving you the opportunity to have one (1) minute with the microphone completely to yourself on BBC Radio 1.

What are your hopes and fears in the year 2022? It could be around identity; friends and family; money; the environment; music; social media; sport; or anything else you care about. Send us a written submission outlining your point of view and we’ll consider it for Minute of Me.'

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