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Pieces of Depression

19 Aug 2022

Exploring symptoms of depression through composition.

Full album released on 2nd September.

Pieces of Depression portrays Ewan's own experience with depression.
Ewan's depression began in late 2020, in the midst of entering a world
with a newborn son and starting a new career. He had not composed for
well over a year and to a certain degree lost touch with music.

Through support, love and kindness Ewan began to cope with his
diagnosis and took the opportunity to re-engage with music and return
to university to study his Masters in Music Composition. Through this
course and with the guidance of his tutor, Dr David Lancaster, Ewan
was able to devise this series of piano compositions detailing the
different symptoms of depression.

This musical representation of different symptoms of depression aims to
encourage conversations on mental health. Although each piece is
linked to certain symptoms or themes, this is merely the composers
interpretation. If a performer or listener finds a different understanding
or relationship to each piece then an exploration, discussion and
understanding of mental health is still achieved.

The compositions are opened by piece 1, In the Balance, and finish with
piece 10, The Path that Follows. These two pieces are intended to provide
a positive beginning and end to the heavy topics covered, and such
provide the performer or listener with the knowledge that where things
can soon spiral and feel uncontrollable, there is the chance to reach
positivity in the end.

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