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Spring Test. York St John School of the Arts. Tuesday 28 March | 5.00pm to 8.30pm.

28 Mar 2023

An evening of: Practice in studios and short papers for discussion from PhD researchers, together with a guest artist as creative respondent, an artists talk, plus food and drink! This event is run with breaks and with the guest speaker closing for 9pm.
Guest Speaker, Dr Ella Finer.
Hosted by Professor Claire Hind & the Spring Test working group: Ewan East, Sian Highwood, Ginger Liu, Kerry Fox.

Music (to be played in any order?)

How do you listen to an album? In order or do you hit shuffle? Does the way you listen change the outcome of the music?

What if the album was one piece of music and you had the chance to shuffle individual sections, creating a whole new order to the piece every time you listened?

Bring a smart phone and some headphones and prepare to explore the world of shuffled compositions, forming your own order of pieces in the workshop!

Ewan East is a composer and educator studying for a PhD in Music Composition at York St John University. Formerly a secondary school music teacher, Ewan returned to university in 2021 to study for his MA, composing his 30-minute solo piano album ‘Pieces of Depression’, exploring the symptoms of depression through music. Ewan’s PhD topic has taken him in a different direction to mental health, Ewan remains active in advocating for the discussion of mental health, especially with musicians.

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