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TedX Brayford Pool

14 Oct 2023

Pieces of Depression / TedX

Ewan delivered a talk on 'Pieces of Depression' and the ability to use music to support mental health in the 2023 TedX Brayford Pools October 14th 'Spectrums' showcase. Alongside this Ewan joined a panel on challenging perceptions in traditional music and a performance of 'Pieces of Depression' took place by performer Tom Owen.

TedX Brayford Pool - 'In a world that’s often polarized and divisive, we choose to come together as one to embrace the diversity of spectrums of thought in our community. At the intersection of scepticism and curiosity are understanding and innovation, and the opportunity to embrace new thinking, different positions and opinions. The power of ideas is what propels us forward.'

Ewan's full talk is available here:

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