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Converge Evaluated: Findings and Responses Commission

4 Sept 2022

Premiered 5th September

Commissioned by Converge for their Findings and responses conference on September 5th 2022, this composition conceptualises the key themes from their research, using instrumentation from the Converge Music courses.

This video is from the closing of the conference and the premier of my composition, including my introduction for the piece, available here -

Soprano, alto, tenor, baritone vocalists.
Improvised piano
Music production

The opening section of the piece uses key quotes from the research to form the lyrics, showcasing peoples own experiences of the amazing work Converge does. The second section sees the introduction of the gamelan and improvised piano, further highlighting the courses offered through Converge. The final section combines all of the musical ideas together, representing the breadth of research showcased at the conference.

The piece was recorded throughout August 2022, with the improvised piano part taking place live at the conference at York St John University on 5th September.

Composer - Ewan East
Soprano - Lucy Coleman
Alto - Esther Griffiths
Tenor - Aaron Soon
Baritone - Ben Herron
Instrumentation - Ewan East
Recording Engineer - Ben Herron
Videographer - Paul Hollingsworth

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