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Formed of four works for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone solo saxophone, each individual composition is intended to be shuffled, creating a brand new order to the piece every time you listen. Originally composed for and performed by Maximus Stephens (saxophonist) and recorded by Dawid Ziemba at Happy Howdy Productions. 

Each season works individually, but is intended to combine (as heard below - not available on the mobile version) to create the representation of the seasons over a year. This page is set up to continuously loop each section of the four compositions, shuffling the order on every completion of a full piece. However, as a listener you are free to pause, skip, repeat each piece as you desire, forming your own interpretation of the seasons over a year.

Autumn - Alto (Concert Pitch).jpg

Seasons was performed at the Perspectives of Nature conference on 1st December 2023 by Maximus Stephens.

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