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DEMO - Lincoln Arts Centre

21 Apr 2023

Piano (to be played in any order)

Commissioned by Lincoln Arts Centre to demonstrate a work in progress in the first ever DEMO night, Ewan delivered a performance of 'Piano (to be played in any order)', an improvised performance based on audience interaction.

Review from theatre reviewer Jack Davy:
'The third, and final performance of the night, was Ewan East’s ‘Piano (To Be Played In Any Order)’, in great contrast to the other presentations of work, but it was so wonderfully raw in its execution, that actually handed the control over to the audience in a clever improvisational mode of performance. As a composer himself, Ewan wanted to hand the reigns over to us, with an interactive online poll. The premise was that a selection of narratives/emotions appeared in the form of a bar chart, and among the audience, we would vote for the first “mood” for Ewan to begin an improvisation with. As this piece went on, we could vote for different moods for Ewan to switch between, of which he had no way of planning, so the talent to adapt to our choices (and a given key to play in) was an absolutely tremendous feat. It was so fascinating as an audience member to be able to dictate the direction of the show, it was so clever, with seamless transitions that could really help us feel the music. And hearing other viewers after Ewan’s section, it was so pleasing to hear how many people could emotionally connect to the music, a completely different sensory experience to the others, but nonetheless incredible!'

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