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Pieces of Depression (Full Score)

Pieces of Depression (Full Score)


Full score of Pieces of Depression for solo piano, composed by Ewan East.


Approximatley 33 minutes of music.


Full score contains ten pieces:

In the Balance (Decline in mental state)

Affect (Feeling sad, irritable, empty)

The Composer (Loss of pleasure or interest in activities and poor concentration)

A Spiral of Perspectives (Excessive guilt or low self-worth)

Fading (Hopelessness about the future)

Clarity (Thoughts about dying or suicide)

Rest (Tired or low in energy)

Bearing the Burden (Pain, fatigue and weakness)

Composed (Difficulty with socialising)

The Path that Follows (Therapy)


Aiming to provide a musical representation of different symptoms of depression, this body of work sets out to encourage conversations on mental health, composed following Ewan's own experience of depression in 2020.

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